Cover Reveal: Winning Jewels by Airicka Phoenix

Cover Reveal: Winning Jewels by Airicka Phoenix

Book Name: Winning Jewels
Author: Airicka Phoenix
Publisher: Fire & Ash Publishing
Release date: TO BE ANNOUNCED
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Formats: eBook & Paperback

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Julia Brewer has a 10 year plan that did not include silly things like falling in love or Mason Brody. The sexy heartbreaker was a distraction Julie did not need. Too bad for her that Mason’s tired of letting her call the shots. He’s out to win her heart whether she likes it or not.

Touching Smoke ~
Touching Eternity ~
Games of Fire ~
Octavian’s Undoing ~

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Airicka Phoenix is the best-selling author of The Touch Saga, Games of Fire and Octavian’s Undoing with short stories in Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology and Midnight Surrender Anthology. She also writes adult paranormal & contemporary romance under her alter ego, Morgana Phoenix.

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Go get your copy today and let’s get Octavian’s Undoing by Airicka Phoenix back into the Top 10!!! (New Adult, contains language and sexual content. 18+)

No good deed goes unpunished.

Riley Masters learns this the hard way when she finds a wallet and decides to do the right thing. But returning it will cost her much more than she bargains for.

Abandoned by her mother, raised by an indifferent father, Riley has accepted the fact that she would be alone always. She has no idea that a single act of kindness would propel her into a world where creatures that shouldn’t exist guard the human race from the demons that lurk in the shadows. That it will cost her the lives of those she loves while unearthing a destiny she never imagined with a man who is forbidden to love her. She finds passion, romance and the family she’d been searching for her entire life, but at what cost and what is she willing to sacrifice to find answers and happiness?

Octavian Maxwell has always known his place. He is a Caster, a Son of Judgment. His job is to protect the mortal world from the creatures plotting to destroy it. Instead, his world is shattered when a human girl walks into Final Judgment, a girl he has been searching for his entire life, a girl he is forbidden to ever touch. Being with her will break the oath he’s sworn to never love a mortal. But his heart has already found its mate and it refuses to let go.

Final Judgment… a place undetected, a gateway to evil and a legend that will undo everything anyone has ever known about our world.

Cover Reveal for Blood Moon by K.B. Miller





The Vampires have declared war on the Moon Coven …

You would think that would be Leeny Moon’s biggest trouble this time around, but two jealous guys make the horde of hungry vampires gunning for the powerful witch seem like a day at the park.

Leeny has embraced her birthright. She is next in line to lead the coveted Moon coven. Out of fear of history repeating itself, Leeny made her first kill, and for the last three years her sole mission has been to drive the vampires out of Ireland. With the help of neighboring covens she is not alone in her pursuit.

However, the close friendship developing between Finn O’Donnell and Leeny is causing a problem in her budding relationship with Seamus McNamara.

The future is up in the air as the creatures from her nightmares invade the tiny fishing town of Galway Bay, Ireland … again. The revenge they seek is simpleLeenys blood. Who will survive the war on this Blood Moon?