Immortals is full of awesomeness! Love,deception,secrets,realization,surprises and of course,hot guys.
Raine’s life has turned upside down. Everyone is afraid of her after the way she acted at the swim meet to save her friends.And since she altered the destiny of others,the Norns punished her by erasing Torin’s memory.Now she must find a way to make him remember her.That won’t be so easy since both of them can be quite stubborn.They are both snarky and will go head to head in a game of wits.
So she is a social outcast,her boyfriend doesn’t remember her,and on top of that someone is messing with her best friend,Eirik. Now she must protect him while trying to find a way back into Torin’s heart.Can she save her best friend without loosing Torin forever? There are plenty of twists and turns to keep you enthralled in the story and surprises that will shock your socks off!


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