Review of Patch Up

Goodness,PATCH UP pulled at my heartstrings all throughout the story.I wanted so much for Skye and Duke to just get over their past hurts and let each other in.Time and time again they would take two small steps forward and like a giant leap back.So afraid of getting hurt gain, they push each other away only to want nothing more than to fix each other.I so wanted to reach inside the book and do something to take their pain away.Both damaged by past painful relationships.While those relationships were totally different from each other,both ended in pain.Duke is haunted by the loss of his ex~girlfriend and blames himself.Skye is haunted by an abusive ex~boyfriend who not only haunts her nightmare but also in real life.Though this isn’t quite a happy~go~lucky story it is one that happens more often than we know yet is never told due to the fear of what others will think of them.They are ashamed and blame themselves for things that were really out of their control.I know the fear Skye lives in and can relate with the way she tries to just shut the world out and coast through life on survival mode because that is easier than taking the chance of getting hurt by letting others in.This is not a healthy way of living and Skye must decide if she can let down the walls she has built around her so she can move towards healing.Duke must decide if he can let someone in without the fear of losing them run him off.



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