The Art of Letting Go -Part I

Check out this author’s inspirational post about letting go and moving on, then follow her progress as she makes the journey!

Christine Brae

I learned a very important lesson this week. I wouldn’t have believed it until things started happening, falling into place. I had to tie everything back to my decision weeks ago, to let go of the things that weren’t good for me. Big things, little things, anything that weighed me down instead of lifting me up. Life has enough stresses, enough pitfalls and disappointments – I didn’t have to be manufacturing more on my own!

Weeks ago, I decided to detoxify my life. It had just become way too cluttered for me – I felt like I was in the middle of a painting with no theme, just spots and swirls of color, made up of people, places and things that didn’t need to be there. It started out when I decided that this year, I would focus on building my brand. Who was I? What did I stand for?…

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